Parking Lot Striping: More than Just Paint

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While it may seem like an incredibly simple service, lot striping from a company like Bennett Paving isn’t as easy is it seems. In fact, quite a bit goes into striping a parking lot, and the more you understand about this sometimes complex job, the more you’ll know when you get ready to make another order from your local paving company.

Keeping Things Orderly: One of the most important factors in any striping job is ensuring things remain orderly. If they don’t, your parking lot could quickly become a danger to anyone who happens to park there. You can’t simply fill the space with some stripes and head home. Instead, you have to carefully consider the direction of travel of both cars entering and cars exiting the lot. Without that, you may have individuals who drive through areas of your lot they should not, and that could create accidents.

Signage Counts Too: Putting the stripes on the lot is certainly important. What’s almost as essential, though, is placing the right signs on the pavement. From crosswalks to arrows to stop bars, you’ll need to use these signs in all the right spots so drivers and pedestrians alike stay safe when they come to your building or shop. Don’t plan these out on your own, though. You’ll want to talk with your paving company about the best places to put these, as thanks to their experience, they may have insights that you simply don’t.

More Cars? Wider Spaces? In addition to thinking about the order in which cars should move through the lot and those added signs and symbols, you’ll also want to remember to have spaces and lanes wide enough for your traffic. In most cases, you want to make certain that each stall is at least ten feet in width, unless you know all of your customers are going to be riding scooters. Additionally, you’ll want to pay attention to local and state handicapped regulations to offer added parking to those individuals. You may also want to think about those customers who may be stopping in from time to time to get a good sense of how wide to actually make each space, as well as how close your lanes should be. Different kinds of individuals may have different preferences.
Parking lot striping isn’t always just about getting some paint on the surface. Instead, it often takes a bit of prior planning and the right company to help.

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When Is It Time to Call a Roofing Contractor?

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When the economy took a swift financial downturn homeowners started to realize that doing their home projects themselves would save them a great amount of money. All of a sudden you saw men who worked for large corporations putting on a carpenter’s belt and building themselves a deck. While there are plenty of things that you can do to make your home look better, and there are many repairs you can make on your own, it may not be to your advantage to mess with your roof.

Serious Roofing

Even though we don’t often think about it, our roofs are very important. Your roof protection from the elements and is also helping to hold the structure of your house together. What a roof gets damaged seriously and has to be replaced there can be a great deal of money involved, especially if the roof has been ignored for a very long time and the Houston, TX, roofers have had to deal with things like mold, rot, or other types of damage. Roofing can be very dangerous business, especially if you have never done it before. Not only do you have to worry about making sure it is done properly, you also have to worry about staying on the roof. A fall from most household roofs would likely put the homeowner in a serious amount of pain.

When to Call

So when should you call a roof repair crew in Katy, TX, or a place like Houston, TX? Any time you are concerned about your roof it is a good idea to contact a contractor. It is recommended that you check your roof at least once to twice a year for damage. If you happen to see any damage on your roof it may be to your advantage to contact a roofing contractor. The contractor will be able to look over your roof and to tell you, in detail, exactly what damage has occurred. They will also be able to give you an estimate as to how much it will take to replace your roof.

If you see things like loose or missing shingles, excessive granule loss, or shingles that appear to rise above the flat surface of the rest of the roof, there is likely some sort of roofing issue going on that you need to have repaired. Believe it or not, many homeowners hesitate to contact a roofing contractor because they are so worried about how much the repair will cost. The truth of the matter is that the sooner you contact an experienced contractor the less money you are likely going to have to shell out of your wallet. If a roofing contractor can catch a problem during the early stages it tends to be a very quick fix, unlike what occurs if the damage continues.

Remember: even though there are plenty of do-it-yourself projects that today’s homeowner is more than capable of handling, fixing or replacing your roof may not be a good idea. It is almost always a better idea to contact an experienced roofing contractor to handle the job for you.

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What Is a Thatch Patio Roof?

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A thatch roof is not frequently seen in Dallas, and roofing contractors in this area are rarely asked to install such a system, but they can provide a beautiful texture, individuality and personality to a property. Even those too hesitant to install the roofing material atop the main house have found the beauty of thatch when used in the constructing of outbuildings.

What is thatching made of? The textured material is constructed of natural reeds and grasses that must be cut properly and fully dried before they can be installed. Many of the thatch roofs in the past were made with locally available materials, but that is not to say that one can’t have thatch transported in. A good roof can be constructed of wheat, oat, rye, barley, or heather, but water reed is considered to be the most durable.

Where can a person get water reed? This material can be transported in from the natural supplies of the Middle East region. The hollow nature and natural water resistance makes it the ideal choice. There are dealers throughout the country that sell the water reed in large bundles for this exact purpose.

Is Thatch Durable Enough the Contend with the Elements? The durability has long been a concern, but thatching, done correctly, can withstand stronger winds that modern asphalt shingles. Even the very peak of the roof is specially treated to prevent any danger from the elements. This cap can be flush with the remainder of the roof or, in many instances the roofer will build it up at a greater depth to create a block ridge. The edge of the cap can be trimmed to create a very attractive, eye-catching border.

How Long Will a Thatched Roof Last? A good thatch roof can last fifty years or more. The materials are naturally hardy and resistant to nature and as mentioned above, it can withstand strong winds and rainfall.

Does Thatching Meet Today’s Roofing Standards? Thatching also provides a good deal of insulation, better even than fiberglass battering. It meets or exceeds the new regulations placed on roofing materials and it has been doing so for many hundreds of years. The straw or reed is placed in five or six foot bundles atop the roof structure. The installation experts aim for a thickness of twelve inches and at that depth, there is little worry about inadequate insulation.

Will it Harm the Value of the Property? Because of its unique look and feel, people are drawn to the look of thatch and it can, therefore, add value to a property.

Could I Create a Thatch Roof For My Patio? You could build your own thatch roof for an outbuilding using the same principles as the professionals. There must be wood framing to support the thatch. Metal or wooden stakes must be hammered into the framing. You must obtain dried reeds from a dealer. Held in bunches eight to twelve inches thick, the thatch is wired around the rods. One by one, bunches must be wired into place, snuggly up against one another to create a water-tight surface.

To learn more about this unique style, visit

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Tips for Strengthening Kids Teeth

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If you are a new parent or have young children toddling around your home, then you likely have some dental questions swirling around in your head. There are a lot of uncertainties related to the earliest stages of dental care in most homes. However, Austin Dental Center (and nearly any dentist in Austin, Texas) wants parents to know that it is very important to begin taking care of a child’s mouth and teeth even before the first one erupts.

Early Brushing Dentists recommend mouth cleaning begins very early in life. Even before there are teeth jutting from the gums, parents can use fingertip brushes or a gauze-covered finger to lightly brush the gums and remove any milk or formula residue. This can help keep bacteria at bay and prevent possible infections in the mouth. This should be done multiple times per day, after feedings and before bedtime. Once the first teeth have erupted, you can make a transition to a soft brush. There are rubber- or bristled varieties, but the brush you choose should have a very small head, so it can be comfortably moved around within the child’s mouth. Non- fluoridated toothpaste should be used for children who are not yet able to spit productively.

Dangers of Juice In addition to teaching your child proper oral hygiene habits, you should pay careful attention of the foods and beverages you choose for your toddler and how those items are presented. While fruit juices are undoubtedly good for children, in moderation, they can be hard on the teeth due to both the sugar content and the acidity. Dentists recommend giving fruit juices at mealtimes, rather than giving them in sippie cups or bottles throughout the day. This limits the amount of time that the juice is in contact with the teeth

Get a Good Rinse After a child drinks fruit juices or eats very acidic or sugary foods, it is a good idea to provide a drink of water to rinse the child’s mouth. While cleaning the teeth is important, it is not wise to brush teeth immediately after eating or drinking acidic foods and beverages. This can push the acid around on the surface of the teeth, only adding to the potential for decay.

Skip the Bedtime Bottle One of the most common causes of tooth decay in infants and toddlers is the sugar found in milk and formula. Because these young children drink these substances so often throughout the day, their teeth are often coated with it, which is why it is so important to rinse the mouth with water periodically through the day and to brush the teeth before bed. Parents are also advised to skip bedtime bottles. If the child cannot sleep without it, consider warm water instead of milk to prevent tooth decay. Cavities are so commonly associated with milk and formula drinking in young children that there is a term for the condition, ‘bottle rot’. This can get out of hand rather quickly leading to significant dental issues when baby teeth rot away or fall out and fail to hold a place for the permanent teeth behind them.

Practicing proper dental care at an early age is also a great way to teach good habits. For more information, such as when children can also learn the bad practices, which could eventually lead to the need for tooth extraction, dentures, or dental implants, contact your dentist.

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New Windows and Home Remodeling: Hiring a Pro

If you are in the market for window replacement, then you will want to be sure to hire someone who knows what he’s doing. After all, windows can be permanent fixtures in the homes for decades and, if installed correctly, can represent huge savings in heating and cooling costs throughout those years. However, if the installation is done improperly, they air leaks and moisture to create serious issues, including drafts, leaking, structural damage, and mold. For those reasons, and many others, it is very important to take time and care when hiring a professional in Houston window replacement.

Get First Hand Opinions – Did a neighbor recently have new windows installed? Did a friend just build a home or build an addition? Use the resources that you have available to you and ask those that you know best to make recommendations about which contractors perform well on similar projects. Often, this is the very best way to get an honest and unbiased opinion of the skill and personality of the local contractors.

Keep Searching – If you don’t succeed at finding a few recommendations of window installation contractors, then look elsewhere. While it may be tempting to search the yellow pages, a lot more can be learned by looking elsewhere. Ask others who are in the trades, but not affiliated with window installers. Contractors come into contact with each other very often when working in the same area, so builders, suppliers, architects, and inspectors may be able to provide very insightful opinions on the window installation specialists.

Interview and Get Second Opinions – Don’t just take a single recommendation. Even bad contractors can get lucky from time to time. Take the time to interview multiple window replacement contractors. Ask questions about price, materials, and time, but also about insurances, warranties, and past experience. This is your opportunity to get a real feel of how the contractor and his team will treat your home. When the interviews are over, call the references provided and talk to others who have hired the professionals in the past.

Compare Estimates – It’s a good idea to have each of the companies that you interview also supply a written estimate. That way you can compare the overall price and the materials breakdown. Remember, the cheapest isn’t always the best. Often you get what you pay for, so if one contractor comes in significantly less than the others, considering what is being done on his end to cut costs. Take a close look at what is included in the price. Are they going to handle all of the removal? Will they handle clean up at the end of the project? Do they offer to fix any found problems after the fact? Are the suggested materials the same from estimate to estimate?

Found the Right Fit? Once you feel comfortable with a contractor’s estimate, ability to answer your questions, and the material list, then you can comfortably sign a contract. Be sure to read it thoroughly. Know what the expected timetable will be, what will be expected from you, and what you will get in return.

The Ultimate Resource for Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes is Now at Amazon!

So the holidays are over and you’re stuck with a refrigerator full of leftovers. Sound familiar? After all the planning, cooking and clean up, the last thing you want to do is cook, right? Think again! We’ve gathered together all the most popular leftover Thanksgiving turkey recipes in one collection. Plus, we’ve added a lot more recipes that put a new twist on some of those old favorites and other recipes that don’t bear any resemblance at all to the old standbys.

We’ve all heard of after-holiday turkey recipes like Turkey Tetrazzini or Turkey Soup, but how about a Penne Pesto Turkey Salad? Instead of a plain old turkey sandwich, why not put together something just as easy, but really spectacular—like a Turkey Cranberry Wrap.

Those are just a few examples of the gourmet food you can make right in your own kitchen with turkey leftovers. You won’t believe the variety! And they’re all easy and delicious. Just look at a few examples:

  • Pesto Turkey Spaghetti: Combine store-bought pesto, veggies and turkey to make a scrumptious after-holiday dish that tastes like it came from your favorite Italian restaurant.
  • Couscous Turkey Salad: Who says turkey has to be boring? This delicious and healthy salad will rival anything you can buy from an expensive deli.
  • Turkey Enchiladas: From the rich cream sauce to the cheesy top layer, there’s only one word to describe this recipe—yummm!
  • Greek Turkey Salad: Feta cheese and greek olives team up with fresh vegetables for an unbeatable combination.
  • Curried Turkey Salad Sandwich: Never thought of using curry with turkey? Wait till you try it!

This is NOT your mother’s turkey recipe collection! We’ve included recipes for every meal—from breakfast to lunch to dinner to snack time—and nearly every combination of leftovers imaginable. These recipes don’t just use up your leftover turkey, but every other leftover that may be sitting in your refrigerator looking for a home. And if it’s ethnic food you like, you’ve come to the right recipe collection—from Italian to Mexican to Greek to Indian to Chinese. We’ve even included Southern and Creole recipes.

Let’s face it, in this economy none of us can afford to waste our food. Going out to eat is more expensive than ever. But with this recipe collection, you won’t have to waste anything and you won’t have to pay the bill and tip the waiter! You also don’t have to be an expert in the kitchen. Each of these turkey recipes is intended for REAL people, not television chefs. And the ingredients are basic and easy to find—in fact, you probably have most of them in your kitchen right now.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready for the holidays AND the days AFTER the holidays with our leftover turkey recipe collection. Your friends and family with thank you once they dig into one of these delicious dishes. And you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that you’re saving money. Now that’s what we call a win-win!

Martha’s other title covering holiday drink recipes can also make a great stocking stuffer!

Scary Facts About Women and Life Insurance

When it comes to the matter of sexual equality, it seems that life insurance has missed the boat. It’s not that men and women are offered a different selection of policy options or that the two pay different prices for those policies. The concern lies in how women feel about life insurance, as compared to the opposite sex and how that can impact the quality of coverage their loved ones would receive in their wake.

Have Not Taken a Second Look Men and women are both guilty of this life insurance no-no. However, the best term life insurance companies know that working women are even more likely than their male counterparts to buy a policy and never bother re-evaluating it. A recent study found that nearly half of all working women admit that they have fallen into this trap. There are many reasons why a policy should be read over again. Changes in income, a growing family, marriage, a death in the family, obtaining new debt, and career advancements are a few of those. However, even large scale changes – such as the economic downswing – can make it necessary to reconsider the financial needs of your loved ones in the face of tragedy.

Underestimates Approximately one in four women, when asked, admit that they have no idea how much life insurance coverage they should carry and an even larger percentage have never considered the need for critical illness insurance quotes. While only one in four of females will bother calculating outstanding debt when determining the value of their life insurance policy, nearly all are concerned with how those costs would be managed if they lost their jobs or passed away.

Life Insurance Expectations This is the point of the biggest discrepancy between men and women. Men will generally report that they expect that their life insurance policies will make it possible for loved ones to continue on with their current lifestyle. Women, on the other hand, are not as quick to consider such things. Fewer than half of all married women consider that they primary function of their policy. In fact, a large percentage were happy to have a policy large enough to cover their final expenses.

Declined Purchases Across the board, the declining number of policies sold is a major concern for insurance companies and many other experts. More and more people are going through life uninsured, which can leave families in financial turmoil after death. When looking at the big picture, the number of purchased policies has been on a steady decline for the past two decades and even fewer individuals are taking a serious look at long term care insurance quotes that can cover the thousands and thousands of dollars spent by those too ill to care for themselves.

Uninsured While the thought of so many women being under-insured does raise concern levels among experts, it is those who carry no insurance at all that carry the greatest risk. More than a quarter of all married women carry absolutely no insurance and twenty-two percent of all families in this country admit that the death of a family member would leave them with immediate financial concern. If you fall in this category, life insurance and disability insurance quotes should be very seriously considered. Death is rarely welcomed and it is often unexpected. How will you leave your family?

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Deep in the Heart of Texas

While on an extended visit in Austin, Texas recently, I had an interesting encounter in a local hair salon. I’m one of those people that visit a salon when it’s necessary…when I need a cut, or my gray roots are showing…but this visit was different…it was special! I’m not usually easily impressed with any particular product or service I encounter at the salon—in fact, the whole process seldom made little impression on me at all other than the fact that my hair was taken care of for another month.

To say the hair salons in Austin TX I found were a step up from my usual ritual would be a major understatement. My senses were assailed by wonderful sights and sounds from the moment I stepped through their doors. I looked over the selection of products and services like a starving man might study a 10-page menu. My eyes jumped from skin treatments and facials, to make up lessons, to massages, to spray tans, to pedicures…the list seemed endless.

I then wandered to a large, well-lit display of products by Kerastase. It was an amazing smorgasbord of fabulous, fragrant hair products for both men and women. I seldom pay much attention to the products being used on my hair, but I was curious to see what these products could do. The display had clips from numerous national magazines about the benefits to be gained from the Kerastase line. It also listed an extensive and impressive array of prizes and citations for excellence that the company has collected.

I decided then and there that I was going to walk out of this hair salon a new person. I checked with the receptionist to see if I could possibly expand my appointment to take advantage of some of their services. She immediately signed me up for an austin spray tan a make-up lesson, a cut, and color.

The Kerastase products were all that they claimed to be. My hair was totally rejuvenated…and I swear it looked like there was more of it. It was soft, fragrant, and fairly glistened in the overhead light.

The make-up lesson opened my eyes (literally) to my best features. I learned how to make the most of the assets I already had, but just wasn’t showcasing. The instructor was patient with my questions, and took the time to show me how to choose and apply the right products for my skin tone and type.

To say that my experiences in Austin have changed my outlook and expectations for the hair salons back home is a huge understatement. I’ll no longer settle for a salon that only offers a handful of services and uses unlabeled products. Now I want the “Austin Experience” all the time. I’ll be searching the ads when I get home looking for a salon that offers Kerastase in Austin products, for sure. And I want to establish a new skin care routine that will help me stay looking young and fresh. Oh yea, I’ll also have to connect with a salon that does spray tans, as mine is starting to fade and it feels like I’m disappearing with the tan. Funny how fast something that I would have never considered a month ago has become a “must have” in my life today.

About the Author: Kenneth Brown has written extensively about the beauty & fashion industry and enjoys informing consumers about the many options in this field

What Does a Cosmetic Dentist Offer?

You’re used to visiting your dentist’s office twice a year to get checkups. This can help you to get the best oral health possible. A dental visit can help you to take care of your teeth in a variety of ways, from cleanings to cavity fillings to extractions and even to artificial teeth insertions. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that a traditional dentist is the only type of dentist that you can visit. If you are someone who is looking to get more from your dentist, than you may want to look into the newest type of dentistry to sweep the nation: cosmetic dentistry.

What’s Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a very specific type of dentistry that is performed by a dentist who has had special training. This type of dentist focuses not on making sure that your mouth is functional, but focuses first on making sure that it looks good. They do take into consideration functionality, and make sure that anything that they do with your teeth is not going to make you unable to use your mouth, but they also perform procedures that no traditional dentist is qualified to do.

Cosmetic Dental Procedures

One of the most common types of procedures that a cosmetic dentist will perform is teeth whitening. Cosmetic dentists have all sorts of different ways to get your teeth white, from making your mouth only a few shades whiter to making it brighter than they’ve ever been before. Your Austin dentist may make the teeth whiter during a routine cleaning, but there is no way that they can make the mouth as white as it can get during a whitening procedure that is done at a cosmetic dentist’s office. Tooth bleaching is not only painless, but it is also something that can be done every year or so in order to keep your teeth looking as white as possible. And it’s extremely affordable, which is why so many people are now looking to cosmetic dentists to help them to get their teeth white.

But teeth whitening isn’t the only thing that a cosmetic dentist can do. Another thing that you may want to visit a cosmetic dentist for is veneers. Veneers are small porcelain pieces that fit right over your existing teeth. The cosmetic dentist grinds down the surface of your existing teeth in order to fit the veneers on. This gives you a perfectly straight and beautiful smile without having to go through years of painful orthodontia.

A cosmetic dentist can also perform procedures such as inlays, crowns, and bridges, along with many other procedures. All of their procedures are geared at helping you to have the perfect smile that you’ve always dreamed of, without having to go through a great deal of pain or having to endure a very long process. If you’re interested in having absolutely perfect teeth, a visit to a cosmetic dentist may be the perfect solution for you so that you can have your teeth looking the way that you’ve always wanted them to look.

About the Author: Bobby Milton has worked in the dental industry for over 20 years and writes and lectures on many different dental topics

Austin Adults Only

Austin is a legendary party town in a legendary party state. They say that everything is bigger in Texas and that sure applies to the ways adults can have fun in Austin. Here are just a few events where you are likely not going to see too many kids.

Enjoy a one of a kind Guitar Practica event at EsquinaTango, located at 209 Pedernales St. in Austin. Bring your guitar with you and have a chance to ask a master player any and all questions you like. This event happens every Monday from 5:15 to 6:15, so don’t be late and be in the mood to jam.

Most people don’t think of ballet and hip hop together, but Ballet Austin has three weekly hip hop dancing classes that you can take. Learn to really shake it out on the dance floor with these classes that also do a great job of getting you in shape. They are held Monday and Wednesday from 830-930pm and then on Saturday at 245 to 345. No experience is necessary and you don’t have to already be in great shape. If you want to learn how to really and get in shape at the same time, this is the class for you.

Come and perform and you just might end up with your very own fan following at Ruta Maya, located at 3601 South Congress. Sign up for the open mike night is 8:30 with things starting at 9 and going until late. From spoken word poetry to singing and more. You can even get a copy of your performance recorded so you can take it home. There will also be a house band to provide any and all music you need. Become a star at Ruta Maya.

Master the exciting world of air hockey at the air hockey tournament at the Dirty Dog Bar, located at 505 E. 6th Street. Every Tuesday at 9:30 you can feel like a teenager all over again with the best air hockey tournament in the south. Winner gets bragging rights all week long. See how good you really are when you go against the top competition in the city.